Youth Baseball Training Tips for Beginning Coaches

If you are new to coaching youth or Little League baseball and are stuck on what to do, here are some general tips to get you started. Coaching the game at this level is harder than most expect, because they think that it is just a group of kids wanting to have a bit of fun. While it is very important to have fun, you must consider the desires of the kids to win and the expectations of communities and parents today.

The first step to successful youth baseball coaching is to get your team playing together. Make sure that they are all familiar with each other and can trust and rely on their team mates. This can be accomplished through group activities, like taking them on field trips or having BBQs.

Get the parents involved in youth baseball training during practice, before and after games, and at home. They will love being a part of the team and will also give support at games and buy appropriate equipment for their children. You will also find that they can be a big help with drills and splitting up into groups for practices.

Include in your youth baseball training cardio drills, such as running, strength drills, and fun, baseball related games that can be played to get the kids in shape.  Structure these activities to improve baseball performance while having fun.  There are a variety of internet based programs under “resources” to the right that can help.

Make sure that you run youth baseball training practices to improve individual skills and also get all the kids involved. Find each child’s strengths and focus on those rather than focusing on weaknesses.

Encourage pre-season youth baseball training by providing parents with resources to help them help their kids get ready for the upcoming season.  That way you can focus on team building during practice rather than basic fitness and skills.

There are a wide range of youth baseball training camps in most parts of country as well as baseball “academies” and clinics.  Encourage your players’ parents to invest in these.  This gets their kids professional coaching.  They will learn more about the game and have a chance to play with kids from around their area.  Or you can run one yourself in conjunction with a local “expert.”  People with professional baseball experience love teaching kids what they know.


These are just a few tips for a new coach to follow.  For more specific information, visit the resources section of this page for some awesome, internet based youth baseball training programs.

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