Five Baseball Rule Myths

In youth baseball, the kids are just learning so funny things can happen! Sometimes it may be hard to understand the umpire’s call. Sometimes it may even be hard for a volunteer ump to make the correct call!

Here are FIVE baseball rule myths:

1. NO HIT ON BOUNCED PITCH MYTH. A pitch is any ball delivered to the batter by the pitcher. It doesn’t matter how it gets there, the batter may hit any pitch that is thrown. However, a pitch that bounces before reaching the plate may never be called a strike or a legally caught third strike. (If the ball does not cross the foul line, it is not a pitch.)

2. THE HANDS ARE CONSIDERED PART OF THE BAT MYTH. The hands are part of the player’s body. If a pitch hits the batter’s hands the ball is dead, unless he was avoiding the pitch then he gets first base. If he swung at the pitch, it is a strike, NOT a foul.

3. BATTER’S BOX SAFETY ZONE MYTH. The batter’s box is not a safety zone. A batter can be called out for interference while in the batter’s box, if the umpire judges that interference could or should have been avoided. The batter is protected when in the box for a short while -  until he has had time to react to the play. After that, he could be called for interference if he does not move out of the box and the umpire determines he interferes with a play.

4. BALL HITTING BAT SECOND TIME MYTH. Is the batter out if a bunted ball hits the ground and bounces back up and hits the bat while the batter is holding the bat? Not necessarily. The rule says the BAT cannot hit the ball a second time – when the BALL hits the bat, it is not an out. If the batter is still in the box when this happens, it’s treated as a foul ball. It would be an out if the batter is out of the box and the bat is over fair territory when the second hit occurs.

5. DEAD BALL WHEN UMPIRE IS HIT MYTH. The ball is only dead if an umpire is hit by a batted ball before it passes a fielder. On any other batted or thrown ball, the ball is alive if the umpire is hit with the ball.

These are just some of the many baseball rule myths out there. If the coach knows the rules well he can teach his team how to prevent errors.

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