Six Things Players Can Do To Get Ready For Spring Baseball

There is not much going on in youth baseball training during the cold winter months.  And everyone needs a break from the game.  But in order to arrive at spring training prepared, there are some things you should do during this time.

1. Stay in shape.  What you do to stay in shape will depend on your age.  Watch what you eat and do some physical exercise every day, even if you just walk around the block.  If you are a teenager, work with your parent or a coach to establish a workout routine that is appropriate for your age and body type.  Keep track of your progress in a journal.

2. Visit the batting cages at least once a week.  Just a few trips to the batting cages can really improve your baseball hitting.  It also qualifies are physical exercise….and will help you keep your hitting muscles in shape.  Work at hitting different speeds, not just fast balls.  Sometimes hitting slow balls is harder, and hitting slow balls lets you work on your form.

3. Throw the baseball with friends or family.  Playing a simple game of catch keeps your skills up as well as works out your throwing muscles.  Plan to throw at least fifteen minutes every day.  Many professional coaches feel that kids just don’t throw the ball enough.

4. If you like to play a particular position, take a few private lessons or go to a clinic.  One private lesson with a good coach can lead to the correction of some simple errors that can make a huge difference in your game.

5. Work on your form at home.  Watch professionals in slow motion and mimic their moves.  Practice your moves over and over as well.  If possible, have someone video tape you so you can review your form for improvement.

6.  Get involved in another sport, such as football or basketball.  This will help you stay in top shape as well as work different muscles.  And, you will get your regular exercise!

It is nice to take a break from baseball during winter, but if you are really serious about your game you will make baseball training a part of your life all year.

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