Using Resistance Bands to Increase Strength, Flexibility and Prevent Injury

There are many ways a youth baseball coach can increase flexibility and strength, and reduce the risk of injury, in his players. One way is to require that players perform exercise routines on their own time. Youth baseball players may not be ready for a serious weight lifting routine as their bodies are still forming. Large rubber resistance bands can be used instead of weights to increase strength and flexibility.

The bands can be purchased at any sporting goods store or on the interent and come in different sizes and thicknesses. Each type of band will have its own resistance. If training is for flexibility, less resistant bands can be used. Higher-resistance bands can be used to build strength.

Different band routines can be used to accomplish different goals. Here are some examples of specific objectives for which band routines can be established:

1. Pitching
2. Batting
3. Running speed
4. Flexibility and injury prevention
5. Long Toss

The specifics of each routine should depend on player age, strength and skill. The coach should work with each player individually to determine the youth’s goals and the specific areas where improvement is needed. A resistance band routine can then be created to accomplish the desired changes. The coach should encourage the player to record his routine in a notebook so progress can be tracked.

Working with resistance bands is easy and can be done anywhere with minimal preparation. A player can keep his bands in his bat bag so they are always with him. This type of exercise will significantly reduce the chance of injury, improve baseball performance, and lead to healthier kids overall.

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